Busbar system – function and advantages

Where you can use busbar system?

You can find the busbar system in many different areas. It is found in mobile communication systems, electric traction or power switching systems. Very often, however, no attention is paid to this component. However, it is of great importance. How to choose the right busbar system? We give you a hint!

How does a busbar system work?

The task of a busbar is to transfer electricity between units. Thus, it works in a similar way to cables. However, busbars are designed to make the connection easier, less expansive, and safer. Better resistance and heat-absorbing properties make the busbar system suitable for use in complex high-voltage electrical systems.

The busbar system can be arranged in various configurations. However, keep in mind that each arrangement is designed to achieve adequate operational flexibility, reliability and minimized costs.

Busbar system transfers electricity between units

Why choose Elsteel busbars?

The busbar system from Elsteel is distinguished by its high quality workmanship. It is one of the most advanced and flexible systems. Elements such as supports and brackets are made of reinforced self-extinguishing material. This ensures increased safety.

One of the key advantages of the busbar system is its flexibility. It can be easily customized and configured to meet the specific power distribution needs of a building or facility. Looking for busbar systems? Check out Elsteel’s offering. You’ll find everything you need there.

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