Italian furniture stores – why are they so popular?

italian furniture shop

The demand for furniture from Italian designers is constantly growing – many people fall in love with this style at first sight and want to bring its unique character into their homes. That is why furniture stores which focus their offer on Italian interior elements are no longer surprising. Italian design has been loved for centuries, and although it changes and evolves, it still has a certain mystery, elegance, and luxury. In this article, we will tell you a little bit more about design from sunny Italy and also introduce one Italian furniture store.

Italian design – modern luxury

Contemporary Italian design is a different style from the golden age of the Renaissance, which is often associated with Italian interiors. Nowadays it does not resemble glamour style so much – it is rather a branch of modern style, where the comfort of a given space’s user is also important. Fun with shapes, textures, and colors is the order of the day here, but it is all kept in an elegant, luxurious taste.

italian furniture shop

Nella Vetrina – Italian furniture store with soul

Our proposed Italian furniture store is Nella Vetrina, a real fashion house for your rooms. Their offer includes collections from the most renowned Italian designers. They have such gems as handmade, Venetian chandeliers, and many other items that are worth having in your arrangement.


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