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How to design your own mug?

Personalized accessories in the apartment is something that many people like very much. They make the atmosphere warmer and the house resembles a safe place where you want to stay. Personalized pillows, mouse pads and even dishes. How to design your own mug? Learn the answers from the post below. Enjoy! Why give personalized gifts?&hellip

stone veneer cladding
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Underestimated usage of stone veneer

More and more often in modern room designs, stone elements are used to give the house a unique look. However, it is not easy to install natural stone blocks, mainly because of its weight and low flexibility for material processing. For this reason, people who want to have an unusual look in the apartment, but&hellip

Schuco Living system
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What are Schuco window profiles?

The choice of windows for our house should be well thought out and well-chosen. The decision should not be guided only by the appearance and design, but also what properties it will meet. In this article you will find out what are the profiles for windows and what Schuco company offers. What are window profiles?&hellip

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How do air pollution sensors work?

Awareness of the disastrous effects of pollution on human health is growing steadily. We are taking a number of measures to minimize the negative effects of long-term smog inhalation. One of them is data tracking. But, are they reliable? How do air pollution sensors work? Tracking air pollution data Tracking reliable, up-to-date data allows us&hellip