Insulated brick cladding – a good option for your home

home with insulated brick cladding

Bricks in the walls are a popular choice for many people because they give a home a distinctive look. Depending on their color and type, your home can look modern, old school, or elegant. If you want to find out how to decorate your home with them in a quick and easy way, then you should read this article about insulated brick cladding.

What is insulated brick cladding?

Insulated brick cladding is a system of laying bricks on boards made of extruded polystyrene which are grooved to the height of the bricks. Such a system enables even distribution of bricks on the same height so the appearance of the house is more aesthetic and the finishing is much quicker. The installation of such bricks is easy so it can be done even by a person without masonry experience. Additionally, such installation is fast and does not require a big expenditure of money and time because already two persons are able to make 4 square meters of the wall in one hour.

insulated brick cladding

Where will such a system work?

An insulated brick cladding system can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is more often recommended and used on the outside of the house because it has high resistance to weather conditions. However, it is also suitable for interior decorative or insulating use. It is durable and resistant, that is why it can be also used in the kitchen or living room.

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