Underestimated usage of stone veneer

stone veneer cladding

More and more often in modern room designs, stone elements are used to give the house a unique look. However, it is not easy to install natural stone blocks, mainly because of its weight and low flexibility for material processing. For this reason, people who want to have an unusual look in the apartment, but are looking for a cheaper equivalent, choose stone veneer for their home.

What is veneer and how does it differ from natural stone?

Stone veneer is a mixture of cement, iron oxides, and other selected aggregates. The former component adds stability and durability, while the latter is responsible for the final color of the product. The created mixture is poured into molds and baked to create finished products. Stone veneer cladding differs from natural stone primarily in that it is easier to work with and much lighter. It is also more uniform in color. Nevertheless, it still manages to give the apartment a unique character.

stone veneer

What can stone veneer be used for?

The most commonly used place to put stone veneer cladding, are the interior walls of the house or elevations. It is also suitable for covering furniture, fireplaces or doors or window frames with it. It is very often used in bathrooms because it copes well with moisture. Due to its natural look, it is also often used in gardens or on terraces. It is a great solution for those who look for an element of closeness with nature in their home.

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