What are Schuco window profiles?

Schuco Living system

The choice of windows for our house should be well thought out and well-chosen. The decision should not be guided only by the appearance and design, but also what properties it will meet. In this article you will find out what are the profiles for windows and what Schuco company offers.

What are window profiles?

The entire structure that supports the glass and allows ventilation and drainage of the window, is the profile. It is the most important element of the whole window as it protects against unwelcome guests and decides whether the heat is well insulated. Profiles may differ from each other e.g. in constructional solutions, type of reinforcements, location of gaskets, aesthetic appearance, or number of chambers. There are mainly two types of them – straight and round, which differ from each other in aesthetics.

Schuco Living

Schuco Living system

If you are interested in modern technologies and you want to have in your home the most modern solutions, then be sure to check out the profiles Schuco Living. These are the parts of the window that will give your home a safe and unique look. Thanks to their seven-chamber construction, they provide thermal insulation, and in combination with EPDM seals and protective glazing, they can provide high acoustic insulation. Schuco is a leading supplier of high-quality window systems and serves over 80 markets worldwide. Its products are known for their unique design, good quality and energy efficiency.

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