What does a Feng Shui architect do?

Feng Shui architect

You have probably come across the term Feng Shui architect more than once. What does it mean? What does such a person do? It is not yet a very popular profession, but more and more people are nevertheless concerned with the overall harmony and good mood of the space they live in. So let’s cut to the chase and answer the questions of who a Feng Shui architect is.

The architect’s profession

Before we know exactly what the Feng Shui architect specialises in, we need to know the architect’s profession at the outset. A person in this profession can do a lot of things. He or she is the author of the design of the house and is responsible for how it will look and what shape it will take. The profession is considered to be on the borderline between technical and artistic positions, requiring both design skills, knowledge of science and an aesthetic sense. It can go more in the direction of interior design, gardens or urban spaces. Feng Shui architects are often found in the interior and landscape design industry.

Feng Shui architect

Feng Shui architect for interiors

An interior designer, including a Feng Shui architect, deals with design, i.e. determines what an interior should look like. What should it be furnished with? What colours should dominate it? What decorations will match the décor? The specialist must answer all these questions. Before starting to design, he should find out the preferences of the interior user. Each designer first develops a preliminary design, which is then approved by the client. The work of an interior designer involves extensive collaboration with many professionals. Depending on the initial agreement with the client, the scope of the interior designer’s work may include full care of the project or the minimum necessary. A Feng Shui architect can give you advice, create a conceptual design or an interior design. It all depends on your preferences.

Why Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a term that originated as far back as ancient China. The art of interior design using this concept answers the question: how do you plan the space you live in to be in harmony with the environment? Thus, the Feng Shui architect focuses on subtle features of the environment that can make a big difference. In each project, he tries to make sure that the energy is balanced and the elements of the environment are perfectly matched to achieve harmony with the surroundings and nature.

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